Everyone In India Ok?

By SuperSpy 

More piling into India seems to be in Omnicom’s future. The company’s TBWA division is getting ready to strengthen its presence in India by launching five new divisions or um, buying them. The major focus would be on areas such as lead generation, events, promotions, direct marketing, retail channel development and management, activation and audience development. The first shop to land their will most certainly be Agency.com.

“We are looking at possible acquisitions for retail activation and event management to start with,” Keith Smith, president (international), TBWA Group told Business Standard.


TBWA India has brought Shiv Sethuraman on board from Ogilvy Paris as the chief executive officer to oversee operations of both TBWA and Tequila brands in India. Shiv will be a guiding hand for Tequila what has a had a rough time in India thus far.

Meanwhile, Omnicom shop BBDO has selected two new CDs for the shop: Sandipan Bhattacharya and Manoj Deb as executive creative directors. Both men worked at Grey Delhi before joining the team. The move is expected to be followed a placement for a CEO.