Everyone Deserves a Snow Day, Even in the Summer?

By Jordan Teicher 

As everyone laments the conclusion of a great NBA season, we’re all reminded that it’s almost vacation season. Some of us find a beach, others opt for a refreshing hike. You may only think of Colorado ski resorts as a winter vacation hub, but with some creative guidance from Seattle-based Wexley School for Girls, the Copper Mountain resort wants to remind vacationers that it’s still looking to thrive as the summer gets sweaty. Three new Copper Mountain spots will be airing in the coming months. “Golf Triathlon” will be released first on June 24.

The ads are a continuation of Wexley’s “Everyone Deserves a Snow Day” campaign, somewhat puzzling considering school is out and there aren’t snow days to be had. The set-up is overly simple: a standard nuclear family trading uncomfortable banter on a skilift. The premise of a gold triathlon is a dynamic idea in theory, ripe with potential humor, but here it is rendered boring. Showing the golf course to the viewer may have fixed the boredom. The two unreleased spots, “Events,” and “Woodward,” are much of the same: jokes that don’t make you laugh. Same background, same skilift, no variety. A bland campaign for a bland Friday.


You can see the other two spots and credits after the jump.

Executive Creative Directors: Cal McAllister, Todd Grant
Director of Production: Gabe Hajiani 
Writer:            Cal McAllister
Art Director: Todd Grant 
Designer: Sean Hamilton
Executive Producer: Gina Windemuth
Associate Producer: Maddy Paulino
Account Supervisor: Jordan Kinsler 
Account Manager: MacKenzie Huff 
Clients: Copper Mountain – Dwight Eppinger, Erin Woods 

Production Co: Alarming Pictures
Director(s): Jack Hodge, Carol Hodge
Producer:  Mark Campbell
DP: Stephen McGhee 

Editorial Co: Duncan Sharp Films
Editor:            Duncan Sharp     

Audio:            Pure Audio
Sound Designer/Mixer:       Scott WeissTalent:           

Pete Giovine
Emily Rued
Jamie Morgan
Geoff Lott