Everybody No Longer Working for the Weekend

By Erik Oster 

Loverboy lead singer and writer of the song “Working for the Weekend” Mike Reno rethinks the lyrics to that tune in Boston agency Sleek Machine’s ad for job listings site Indeed.com, entitled “The Rewrite.”

The spot, which runs in 30, 45 and 60-second versions, opens on Reno remorsefully admitting that he was “a little off base” with his “disparaging lyrics” claiming that everyone was looking past the work week to the weekend. In the 60-second version of the ad, Reno then works on amending some of the lyrics. Thanks to Indeed and their job listings people are actually enjoying their time at work, he says, so now “it’s more like everybody’s really enjoying their time at work, and when the weekend comes, that’s fine too.”


While it may be a bit of a one-trick pony capitalizing on the ubiquity of the Loverboy hit in a goofy way, the spot manages to work in the site’s selling point in a way that, while obvious, fits with Reno’s confession that the song’s lyrics are a bit out of touch and makes for a fairly memorable ad in the category.


Client: Indeed
Agecy: Sleek Machine, Boston
Chief Creative Officer: Tim Cawley
Senior Integrated Producer: Ben Ouellette
Senior Copywriter: Jeff Mariois
Senior Art Director: Jessica Ruggieri
Music: “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy
Talent: Mike Reno
Director: Darcy Van Poelgeest
Production Company: Circle/Vancouver
Editor: Kat Baker/Element