Ideas Come Free (For a Week) from Modern Climate

By Inocul8tor 

Ever heard of Modern Climate? Us neither. However, according to them, they have ideas you’ll want. That’s right! They’ve won so many awards that you can now get ideas from them for FREE for a entire week. 40 hrs, 15 min per brief. Streamed live, unedited and uninterrupted! ROTLMAO. Check out the Minneapolis-based shop’s “Ideathon“.

In their words:


“Ideas are the most coveted asset in advertising. That’s why, in the spirit of the holidays, we’ve decided to give them away – for an entire week. Are you a non-profit looking for a big campaign idea, a small start up looking for a logo, or are you just stuck? We can help.”

Rather than fully hate on this place, I will give them credit for utilizing their talent. Most agencies would just throw in the towel and lay off people when there isn’t enough work to go around. But no…not Modern Climate- they gave their writer, Tristan, something ridiculous to do instead. So in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, cheers to you guys for appreciating your people.