EVB Tries its Hand at a Slacker Superhero Spot

By Michael Musco 

What has become of superheroes as of late? First DirecTV and now this Golf Now ad from EVB, which shows once again that leisure takes priority over saving the world when it comes to Superman/Green Lantern knockoffs.  We’re just wondering why you play golf with someone whom you know has a tee shot that even Happy Gilmore couldn’t match and the accuracy/precision of a sniper.

Anyhow, EVB’s Golf Now campaign is TV-only, which is kind of ironic considering that the spot promotes a golf website and there’s no online component included. Hey, at the least the Bureau and its creative team including ECD/director Stephen Goldblatt and copywriter Amir Farhang are going against the grain here. Full credits after the jump…


Executive Creative Director: Stephen Goldblatt
Director: Stephen Goldblatt
Art Director: Stephen Goldblatt
Copywriters: Amir Farhang; Neil Levy
Producer: Patti Bott
Account Director: James Gassel
Graphic Designer: Tim Palmer

Production Company: Partizan Entertainment, Los Angeles
Director of Photography: Ramsey Nickell
Executive Producer: Sheila Stepanek
Producer: Ross Girard
Wardrobe: Scott Free

Editorial: Hutchco Industries, LA
Editor: Paal Rui

Music and Sound Design: Cordovan Music, Los Angeles
Composer: Greg Reeves