Eva Mendes Too Hot for US Television

By SpyWriter 

According to WWD Media, the new Calvin Klein ads featuring Eva Mendes are too controversial for the US. So they’re not airing here. The spots were rejecting by American television because of Mendes showing a bit of nipple as she rolls around completely naked on a bed. Scwhing.

Tom Murry, President and CCO of Calvin Klein Inc. wasn’t too surprised by the decision and is quoted as saying, “We believe the commercial is exceptional and hits the mark for Secret Obsession. We will reach our consumers in the U.S. primarily through the Web site, the print campaign and at point of sale. We are anticipating a very successful global launch.”


Since the dawn of time is has been known that sex sells. It’s also a great strategy to create controversy that has consumers rushing to see what all the buzz is about. This commercial does just that.

It’s reported that less provocative ads were created for the US market, but those can still only be aired after 9pm. I think creating an alternative version is a waste. If they are so proud of the original spot there should never have been a compromise to water it down. After all, what’s one little nipple slip?