Equinox Takes Responsibility for Your Post-Workout Misdemeanors

By Jordan Teicher 

If a Levi’s ad had a one-night stand with a Dos Equis commercial and the lovechild was baptized by a former Abercrombie art director, this “Equinox Made Me Do It” campaign by W+K New York would be the result. Equinox’s sensual shenanigans – mainly, turning gym memberships into sex – has graduated from bad joke that everyone is in on to an accepted norm at this point. The over-the-top sexuality even made its way into Aziz Ansari’s most recent standup special. But the appeal seems to be growing: gyms have spread across the country, celebrities are frequent guests, and Equinox now boasts a “Best Gym” award from a handful of publications including Fitness Magazine. The accolades should come in handy as people line up to sign up for a New Year’s resolution gym membership. So should the pretty people running naked on big billboards. If you live in a city with an Equinox gym, get ready to see butts.

The “Made Me Do It” campaign is W+K’s first work for Equinox, but you probably couldn’t tell the difference, because the gym is still selling the same amount of sex. And why shouldn’t they? While copycat fitness centers fight against each other, Equinox separated itself from the competition by rethinking the old adage of less is more. Credits after the jump.


Executive Creative Directors Colleen DeCourcy, Mark Fitzloff, Ian Reichenthal, Scott Vitrone

Creative Directors Stuart Jennings, Gary Van Dzura

Interactive Creative Director Gary Van Dzura

Copywriter Nick Kaplan

Art Director Cyrus Coulter

Head of Content Production Lora Shulson

Producer Luiza Naritomi, Kristen Johnson

Brand Strategist Erik Hanson

Account Team Patrick Cahill, Jacqueline Ventura

Business Affairs Quentin Perry


Director/Director of Photography Hugo Stenson

-Photographer/Co-Director Robert Wyatt


Editorial Company Rock Paper Scissors

Editor Carlos Arias

Post Producer Lisa Barnable

Post Executive Producer Eve Kornblum

Editorial Assistant Chris Mitchel (sr assistant) & Alex Liu (assistant)


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