Epic Meal Time Crew Helps Raise Awareness for Feeding America

By Erik Oster 

FYI enlisted the cast of its show Epic Meal Time to raise hunger awareness with a new PSA campaign for the Ad Council and Feeding America, the country’s leading domestic hunger-relief organization.

The cast of the show talks about what they do with all the food from the epic meals they create it — eat it, give it to the crew — before segueing into a brief discussion of the “people out there who don’t have enough to eat, and don’t know where their next meal is coming from.” They then offer up an endorsement for Feeding America, who, “everyday give hope to those in your community who struggle with hunger” and direct viewers to www.FeedingAmerica.org. The show also donates “a portion of its production budget to the L.A. Regional Food Bank, a member of the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks.”


The PSA will run on FYI, debuting during Epic Meal Time‘s Thanksgiving-themed season premiere this, as well as on other A&E channels.

“At Thanksgiving, it is important to remember that so many children in our country are facing hunger,” said Bob Aiken, Feeding America CEO. “Thanks to ‘Epic Meal Empire’s’ PSA’s, a new audience will be made aware of efforts around the country to feed our children and avoid food waste.”