Enter The Competition: It’s Your Turn To Be Bob Garfield

By SuperSpy 

Droga5’s Honeyshed, the home shopping network for the digital generation, has relaunched today. In honor of this much anticipated event, Agency Spy has decided to hold a contest.

Go to HONEYSHED. Check it out. Tool around. Come back to Agency Spy and use our comments section to post a review of the site. It can be a haiku or a full blown thesis. It’s your turn to show Bob Garfield and us, how it’s done.


Our celebrity judge is Steven Landsberg, ex-Chief Creative Officer of DDB, New York and Ogilvy Toronto, as well as co-founder of new agency Grok. He’ll be looking for great copy writing (funny or not) and a well thought out assessment of Honeyshed (love it or hate it).

The individual/creative team with the best copy will receive the first season of Mad Men from iTunes, mad props from Landsberg and the joy of having won something in a shit economic climate.

So get to cracking. The winner will be announced EOD Friday!


1. All reviews must be posted by 2:oo pm Friday, the 14th of November.

2. Your entry can be posted anonymously. We will announce the winner and at that time, you can IM us with your contact info.

3. Reviews that are not in good faith (i.e. “Droga can suck my balls ’cause they are hairy!”) will be deleted.