Engadget Dubs HUGE’s iPad App for Reuters Their “Favorite So Far”

By Matt Van Hoven 

Engadget, one of the many tech-junk bibles out there today, took time to list their favorite iPad apps in news and magazines. HUGE got a nice mention, without being mentioned, for their Thomson Reuters News Pro app.

“Thomson Reuters News Pro (free) &#151 Our favorite news app so far. The Reuters app doesn’t chase its tail trying to reinvent dead mediums — it just fills the screen with high-quality content. Even better, it does it for free. Content is organized well and the UI is dead simple, although it could stand a little tweaking with gestures: swipes to move between articles instead of tiny little buttons would be nice in all views, instead of just the slide show view. Video plays well and can be made full screen, the stocks viewer offers a nicely multitouch price graph and customizable news results, and there’s a constantly updated currency converter, for some reason. Is it better than the website, which offers the same content and is updated slightly faster? Not really, but we’d say the iPad-specific interface tweaks and speedier load times make it worth a download — especially since it’s free. [See in iTunes]”


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