Energy BBDO’s Marty Orzio Lands at Gotham

By Matt Van Hoven 

Former Energy BBDO Chicago CCO Marty Orzio had to get another job somewhere, and Gotham Inc. tells us they’ve given him a new home. Back in April he left Energy, purportedly to spend more time with the family &#151 well dude has changed enough diapers and wants back at the ad-biz.

When Marty left Energy, gcds Greg Braun and Jim Hyman manned the creativity. And just Wednesday, Noel Haan came on as svp gcd. Apparently, that deal had been in the works for months.

Marty started at Energy when it was just BBDO Chicago &#151 and the 50% growth they’ve had over the last four years is a good number to drop in an interview. So, that’s that.

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