Elevator Falls in Y&R Building, One Person Killed

By Kiran Aditham 

Terrible news to start the morning as NBC New York confirms tipster reports that an elevator fall at 285 Madison Avenue, which has housed Y&R for 85 years as well as other businesses, has resulted in at least one death and two injuries. We’ve received tips saying that the elevator fell six floors and resulted in a shutdown in that area of Madison Ave. Our contacts there are saying they’re “awaiting more details.” We’ll keep you posted. Update: We’re being told that people can’t come in or leave the building and emergency rescue vehicles are everywhere.

Update 2: The New York Times‘ City Room section is reporting that an elevator fell “two” floors and that a 41-year-old woman died.

Update 3: Y&R sent a press statement:


“This is a tragic day here.

This morning, at 285 Madison Avenue, there was an elevator accident.

We are deeply, deeply saddened to confirm that one of our employees has died.

Our focus at this moment is the well-being of our employee’s family and our larger Y&R family.  As you can imagine, this is a great emotional shock to all.

We ask for your cooperation and understanding.  We will, of course, release information as we learn it.”

Update 4: We’ve been told that Peter Stringham, CEO of Young & Rubicam Group will be outside of 285 Madison at 3 pm to make a statement.