Element 9’s Conni Connie Nelson…WTF?

By Matt Van Hoven 

We reported in April (back on WordPress) that Element 79 lost two behemoth accounts, Tropicana and Gatorade.

Curiosity of what would happen next followed. But a commenter noted that Conni Connie Nelson left due to who the fuck cares (best guess &#151 the loss of the aforementioned accounts, obvi).

She was a recentish acquisition in the business development world over there.

Following at least 5 calls to the agency, including one request for info about Nelson allegedly leaving the company (and preceded by attempts to reach HR, PR and Nelson herself all of which ended in voicemails) I’ve been unable to confirm nor deny this bit-o-news.

How-fucking-ever, over the last week or so we’ve received no fewer than 6 tips that she’s left, as one commenter put it, due to lameness of the new business department. As the director, wouldn’t she have been the source of said lameness?

Conni Connie, what gives? If you’re not there anymore, they seem to be acting like you are. But no one would be surprised if you walked away following the loss of Tropicana and Gatorade and furthermore, E79 thinks way too highly of itself if the hacks over there want us to believe people don’t leave their agency when accounts are lost.

It happens everywhere, get over yourselves.

Van Hoven, out.

A tipster tells us Nelson has in fact left, but is claiming retirement.
Update: Element 79 has confirmed the departure, and yes she’s retired and the position was filled by Leah Barrett. Ho hum.