Electrolux Creates Fantastical Bond Between Moms and Kids

By Kiran Aditham 

Mother’s Day doesn’t hit until May 10, but it’s never too early honor Moms.

Brazilian agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi is getting ahead of the marketing rush with a tender short film for household appliance maker Electrolux. With “Fantasy Kitchen,” agency and brand highlight the bonding session between a couple of Brazilian moms — who happen to be real Electrolux consumers — and their kids via tall tales and food. The children’s fables not only inspire their moms’ handiwork in the kitchen, but an illustrator who brings their dreams and characters to life. The end result is a meal and experience worth savoring, if only to see the moms’ and kids’ reactions.


This isn’t the first time Electrolux has mixed cooking with sentimentality; the brand’s holiday-themed “A Special Evening” effort did the same.

Sandra Montes, Electrolux marketing director for Latin America, sums up the client’s marketing approach:

“The brand has adopted storytelling in the digital environment as a powerful tool capable of contributing to brand building, and generating knowledge and experience for the consumer. Electrolux has invested the most in digital channels over the last three years, with investments representing 10% of the company’s annual marketing budget.”

“Fantasy Kitchen” will air online and on various social networks as well as in retail stores.


General Creative Direction: Fabio Fernandes | Eduardo Lima
Creative Direction: Theo Rocha
Copywriter: João Paulo Testa
Art Direction: Ricardo Pocci
Account Management: Marcello Penna | Gisela Assumpção | Gabriela Marques | Roberta Prevedello | Julianna Carvalho
PlanningJosé Porto | Guilherme Pasculli | Erika Kitabayashi | Fernanda Malaco
Media: Fábio Freitas | Adriana Roza
RTVC: Victor Alloza | Renato Chabuh | Fernanda Sousa | Maira Massullo | Rafael Paes
Producer: Big Bonsai
Scene Director: Adriana Yañez
Director of Photography: Bruno Tiezzi
Post Production: Big Bonsai
Finishing: Big Bonsai
Executive Producer: Clara Ramos
Assembling: Gugu Figuerôa
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Content: Rogerio Soares
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