Eggo Begins Stranger Things Marketing Blitz on Social With Help From Doner

By Minda Smiley 

Hawkins, Indiana isn’t a real place, but if it were, brands would be having a field day there as the third season of Stranger Things approaches.

In the name of brand integration, Eggo is having some fun on social by featuring faux billboards for its waffles in towns by the name of Hawkins across states including Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin.

The ’80s-esque billboards are a nod to Eggo’s starring role in the show as main character Eleven’s favorite grub (the drip is a reference to her frequent nosebleeds). 


The effort was created by Doner ahead of the show’s premiere on July 4. On Instagram, an “Easter Eggo Hunt” features ads purportedly from 1985 that are rife with Stranger Things references.

On Twitter, a retro Eggo ad has been given the Stranger Things treatment to promote the brand’s limited edition 1985 boxes.

According to Doner, there’s more to come from the Kellogg brand on this front, namely in the form of influencer marketing activations and a photo wall.