Egad! Is Euro RSCG NY Closed Today Due to Bed Bugs?

By Kiran Aditham 

It all started with a phone call on Wednesday from a seemingly nervous anonymous tipster sounding like a fake-ass Deep Throat who was reluctant to even post in our tips box thinking his comments would be traced back to him. His message (among a few other tidbits): Euro RSCG NY has bed bugs! He went on to say that it could have been the result of certain deliveries to the office.

Though when sources were contacted later on that evening, we were told that there was only one employee complaint and exterminators didn’t find any other bed bugs creeping around the Euro offices. My, how times have apparently changed in a matter of 48 hours as multiple spies have informed us that Euro NY is in fact closed today due to bed bugs. According to one source, it was announced during the agency’s happy hour on the rooftop yesterday. What a way to go out.


When we called the NY office this morning, it went straight to an automated message saying it was after hours. If anyone’s braved the elements and is actually at Euro today, don’t hesitate to tell us. Hey, at least you all have a day off if true. Of course, this isn’t the first time an agency’s office has been infected as Saatchi NY was bit by the pesky creatures last fall. Is this latest news the sign of a possible outbreak?

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