Editorial: Robin Hood On BBDO Atmosphere

By SuperSpy 

So, we’re looking to tap our readers for some new view points. Matt and I can’t be everywhere and we know that there our campaigns, news we miss out on. Got some homegrown editorial for us? Send it to agencyspy at mediabistro dot com.

To kick things off, our first selection comes from our not so foreign correspondent, Robin Hood:


Adage finally mentioned the “refreshing moments” Atmosphere BBDO has been cranking out. The shop has relaunched Corona.com. It will now emphasize “refreshing moments” like, when two creatives decide to engage in what could go down as the worst grown adult sex ever caught on camera phone. (and you thought I wasn’t going to mention it)

In order to make the site compliant with all things Web 2.0 from 4 years ago, they’ve added a user generated slideshow feature called Photoslices. Apparently the suits at Corona never heard of Slide, Rockyou Powerpoint, iPhoto, or anything else? For your next pitch, I suggest Corona emails, a la Apple. It’ll blow them away.

We highly suggest checking out the Photoslice gallery section of Corona.com, if you’re 21 that is. There’s already a few galleries posted of BBDOers partying at their legendary Central Filing bar. However, we cannot confirm if any original ideas or pregnancies resulted from these shoots. Also, we’re pretty sure at least 5% of all Photoslices currently posted are from stock photography, and that number could be off by 40-60%.

Anyways, I’ll give my free Dr. Pepper to the first person that screen grabs shots from the “Infamous Sex Tape” and Corona Photoslices them. And by give them my free Dr. Pepper, I mean, I won’t. Also, feel free to use one of the other 1,000 slideshow making sites on the internet if Photoslice has filters.

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