ECD Paul Slater Slings Contrabrand

By Kiran Aditham 

The Arnell Group and Wolff-Olins alumnus Paul Slater is offering the advertising world Contrabrand, a new creative shop that wields the slogan “A Revolutionary Idea” and will be based in New York and London.

Armed with an assorted staff of finance specialists, music producers, published authors, college students and designers, Slater hopes to start some sort of rebellion against traditional agency practices–though his own practice sounds somewhat similar to that of W+K’s Platform.


So what does make Contrabrand different Paul? In a statement, the ECD says, “We are working lighter than other agencies, we have a range of partnerships capable of heightening our clients brand-customer experience and at the end of the day the work we produce is tight.”

That clearly remains to be seen but Contrabrand’s already hooked up projects for USA Networks, SuperVision, PowerHouse, Nikon and POP Shop.

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