Eccentric Millionaire John McAfee Gets Naked, High and Humped in Instructional Uninstall Video

By Bob Marshall 

Millionaire software developer-turned-jungle-dwelling recluse-turned recent murder suspect John McAfee is here with a four-minute video about uninstalling his namesake software because life’s just weird like that sometimes.

In this video, McAfree says “fuck” and “shit” (which is why you’ve seen this video tagged NSFW by everyone today because no one trusts you to act like an adult and bring headphones to work, you child), does blow, takes his shirt off to flaunt his tribal tattoos, shoots a gun, and gets dry-humped by strippers who the credits tell us appear courtesy of Portland’s Club Exotica. So, I guess if any Guatemalan or Belizean assassins are currently looking for McAfee, he’s in Portland. With strippers and guns.


The video functions as an advertisement for, a visit to which tells us that McAfee is a guy with a blog about himself that he finances with the help of remnant ads. Also, George Jung, the cocaine kingpin that Johnny Depp portrayed in the 2001 biopic Blow, is apparently currently writing McAfee’s biography. So yeah, weird, right? Consider yourself totally weirded out by John McAfee. Credits after the jump.

Director Writer: Chad Essley
Director of Photography: Dan Ackerman | Stage 13
Edit: fflake
Audio: David J. Weiner
Crew: Matt Hazelrig, Robert Peterson, Charleye James