Duncan/Channon Unveils Latest Rescues for DriveTime

By Erik Oster 

San Francisco agency Duncan/Channon launched the latest in its ongoing “Rescued!” campaign for DriveTime, “the nation’s largest car dealer helping people with credit issues purchase great vehicles,” which initially launched almost two years ago.  

Duncan/Channon once again worked with Arts & Sciences’ directorial duo Adam & Dave, as with the initial efforts and last year’s follow-ups, for three new 30-second broadcast spots. In “Raise the Roof” the now-familiar dorky duo sneak up on and scare the hell out of a man who is less than satisfied with his car but doesn’t think he has good enough credit to buy a new one. When he asks “Were you guys always this cool?” they flash back to their high school days, which provides the answer. Another spot sees them unintentionally punning on the word “but” while “Turn Down for Credit” references a certain ubiquitous song. While not quite laugh out loud funny, the spots are cute and memorable. By now the duo has become synonymous with the brand, but haven’t outstayed their welcome. The latest efforts launch on broadcast across the country today, on networks including BET, MTV, SPIKE, TBS, TRUTV, TNT and CCSN.


Duncan/Channon (agency)
Parker Channon – Executive Creative Director
Anne Elisco-Lemme – Executive Creative Director
Christine Gomez – Executive Producer
Kimberly Grear – Sr. Producer
Rachel Hermansader – Group Account Director
Nick Gustafson – Sr. Account Executive

DriveTime (client)
Ray Fidel – CEO
Scott Worthington – Sr. Managing Director, Market Strategy
Patrick Littler – Managing Director, Analytics
Courtney Edwards – Creative Manager

Arts & Sciences (production company)
Adam & Dave – Directors
Marc Marrie – Managing Partner / Executive Producer
Mal Ward – Managing Director / Partner
Pat Harris – Producer

White House Post (editorial company)
Lucas Spaulding – Editor
Sam Perkins and Brad Dupuie – Assistant Editors
Joni Williamson- Exec Producer
Annie Maldonado – Producer

CO3 (telecine company)
Sean Coleman – Colorist

Carbon VFX (finish/VFX company)
Lead Flame – Chris Noellert
Flame Assist/Roto – Shane Zinkhon
Carbon Producer – Ryan Burcham
Executive Producer for Carbon – Michael Theurer

One Union Recording (recording studio)
Eben Carr – Engineer