Droga5’s First Work for letgo Introduces the Foreign Concept of Exchanging Money for Goods and Services

By Patrick Coffee 

Letgo, the latest app that connects you to other people who don’t think your junk is junk, has a brand new agency and a new campaign to match.

After several years with Crispin (we really can’t get used to typing CPB+), the company has switched over to Droga5 for its newest campaign, which debuted yesterday.

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric fame directed this trio of ads. The theme is the brand helping us, as Americans, rethink our less-than-healthy relationships with all of this stuff by pawning it off to strangers. As the tagline goes, “Less Stuff, More Living.”

“Stuff for money? Weird!”


This principle applies to all sorts of products you once thought you’d use.

From the press release comes the insight that drove this campaign: “letgo’s research reveals that consumers get significant emotional benefits from selling their extra belongings that go beyond simply enjoying the profits.”

Even big red trucks.

From co-founder Alec Oxenford: “The idea behind ‘Live and letgo’ is that the guitar you haven’t touched since college could easily be a flight to Miami with your best friend, and the skis you never needed anyway could be pottery classes.”

Reality TV has shown us that some people have real trouble dealing with their emotional attachments to these completely inessential items. But letgo isn’t for those people anyway.

Droga5 won the business in a pitch, though we don’t know at this moment which other shops participated. A CPB+ rep said agency and client, which worked with the now-closed Miami office, parted ways “amicably” last year.


Agency: Droga5
Client: letgo
Campaign: “Live and letgo”

Droga5 NY
Founder and Creative Chairman David Droga
Chief Creative Officer Neil Heymann
Executive Creative Director Scott Bell
Creative Director Ryan Raab
Copywriter Caroline Ekrem
Art Director Castro Desroches
Copywriter Chase Kimball
Chief Creation Officer Sally-Ann Dale
Director of Film Production Jesse Brihn
Senior Producer, Film Topher Cochrane
Producer, Film Kelly Appleton
Director of Business Affairs Jocelyn Howard
Senior Business Affairs Manager Shaunda Slade
Global Chief Strategy Officer Jonny Bauer
Head of Strategy Harry Román-Torres
Head of Digital Strategy George Bennett
Strategy Director Ryan McDaid
Chief Media Officer Colleen Leddy
Head of Communications Strategy Dean Challis
Communications Strategy Director Elizabeth Hartley
Communications Strategist Emily Langham
Group Data Strategy Director Anthony Khaykin
Group Account Director Julia Albu
Account Director Jordan Cappadocia
Account Manager Chelsea Elliott
Senior Project Manager Ashlee Cain
Senior Project Manager Laura Rothman
Legal Sarah Fox

Client letgo
Lucia Varela VP of Brand and Communication
Federico Rucks VP of Media
Fernando Barretto Brand Director
Alexandra Franco Research and Insights Director
Tom VanBuren Copywriter
Adi Schlank Designer
Dylan Stopper Senior Media Planning Manager

Production Company Pretty Bird
Director Tim & Eric
Executive Producer Suzanne Hargrove
Head of Production Rika Osenberg
Line Producer Bernard Rahill

Editorial Exile
Editor Kyle Brown
Assistant Editor Mitch Goldberg
Executive Producer Sasha Hirschfeld
Producer Evyn Bryce
Flame Artist Dino Tsaousis
Motion GFX / Flame Asst Adam Greenberg

Color Company3
Senior Colorist Tim Masick
Producer Kevin Breheny

Sound Heard City
Mixer Elizabeth McClanahan
Producer Andi Lewis
Music APM
Extreme Music