Droga5, Scion Are Seeing Double

By Erik Oster 

Droga5 launched a new campaign for the Toyota Scion, following winning creative duties for the brand in March.

A trio of new spots promote the iM and iA’s “standard features that actually come standard” with the tagline “Weird, right?” and things, understandably, get a little weird. In the most effective of the spots actor Jaleel White, best known for portraying Steve Urkle on Family Matters, drives an iM with a wax model of Urkel in the passenger seat. The spot shows off the model’s standard dual-zone automatic climate control, which keeps White “toasty” while preventing wax Urkle from melting. Another spot portrays two sides of James Franco: “Hollywood actor James Franco” and “experimental artist James Franco” (apparently “creepy Instagram James Franco” wasn’t invited), with each side of the star driving a different model. A third spot eschews the celebrity approach, instead showing a “Recently Liberated Car Dealership Tubeman” impressed with his new iA.

The campaign is targeted at 18-34-year olds purchasing their first vehicle or otherwise looking for value in an automotive purchase. “They are looking for premium features, great design, safety, high mpg and a value price … all of which the iM and iA deliver,” Toyota brand national marketing and communications manager Nancy Inouye told Adweek

“Scion and Scion drivers have always been great at embracing their own weirdness,” Droga5 executive creative director Neil Heymann added. “Scion does things their own way, in spite of what people expect from a car brand. What’s new here is the way we’re expressing this—with the launch if the iM and the iA, we wanted to balance that weird heritage with a value message.”



Client: Scion
Campaign: “Weird, Right?”
“Franco and Franco”
“Jaleel and Wax Museum Urkel”
“Recently Liberated Car Dealership Tubeman”

Agency: Droga5
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Executive Creative Director: Neil Heymann
Associate Creative Director: Lisa Fedyszyn, Jonathan McMahon
Senior Copywriter: Spencer LaVallee, Ben Bliss
Senior Art Director: Evan Schultz, Jen Lu
Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale
Head Of Broadcast: Ben Davies
Producer: Rob Marmor
Integrated Production Business Manager: Librado Sanchez
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Strategy Director: Katy Alonzo
Strategist: Dakota Green
Senior Communications Strategist: Hillary Heath
Group Account Director: Blake Crosbie
Account Director: Pat Rowley
Account Manager: Monte Hawkins
Associate Account Manager: Leo Wong
Project Manager: Connor Hall

Client: Scion
Group Vice President: Doug Murtha
Corporate Manager: Mark Angelacos
National Marketing Communications Manager: Nancy Inouye
Advertising & Media Manager: Pamela Park
Advertising & Media Analyst: Brett Keckeisen
Advertising & Media Planner: Richard Hernandez

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Randy Krallman
DOP: Nigel Bluck
Executive Producer: Carole Hughes
Producer: Ian Blain

Editorial: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Erik Laroi:
Assistant Editor: Brendan Hogan
Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfield

Postproduction: The Mill
Executive Producer: Sean Costelloe
Producer: Georgina Castle
Telecine: Mikey Rossiter
2D Lead Artist: Jade Kim
2D Artist: Caio Sorrentino
Shoot Supervisor: Eric Pascarelli

“Franco and Franco”: Q Department
“Recently Liberated Car Dealership Tubeman”: Q Department
“Jaleel and Wax Museum Urkel”: Extreme Music

Sound: Heard City
Mixer: Eric