Droga5 Promotes Sprint Unlimited with Story of Prolonged Political Argument

By Erik Oster 

After winning

Droga5 launched a new campaign for Sprint, emphasizing the network’s renewed focus on customer experience and new Sprint Unlimited program entitled “Works For Me.”

The campaign launched with a 30-second spots highlighting an over 15-year long political argument between “Brent & Uncle Phil.” At the beginning of the spot, conservative Phil says, “I love him but he’s a moron,” after which Brent explains that in 2000 he posted something online and his “crazy, right-wing uncle” commented on it. The argument continues to this day.

Divisive partisan politics might seem like an unexpected way to introduce the Sprint Unlimited offering, but there is some logic to it. The ongoing argument could waste a lot of their respective data plans, but Sprint now offers “an unlimited plan that everyone can afford,” freeing them up to bicker all they want — which works for both of them (while likely annoying the rest of their family and friends online). It’s a relatable premise, but only works if people don’t question whether they really need to waste all that time arguing with crazy relatives online in the first place.


“‘Works for Me’ should be the desired response for any company that aspires to put its customers first, so we started there,” Droga5 executive creative director Matt Ian said in a statement. “This first ad demonstrates how Sprint would work for Brent and his uncle Phil: two exceptionally prolific political debaters. Sprint Unlimited would work for them and all the data they burn through fighting on social media. And if it works for them, I know it’ll work for me.”