Droga5 New York Salutes ‘Salad Men’ for Dixie

By Erik Oster 

Droga5 New York launched a Fourth of July effort for Dixie entitled “We, the Salad Men.”

The 60-second anthem ad opens with the voiceover, “Every barbecue season, men everywhere are made to feel like lesser men for eating salad.” Going on to take a stand against such “salad shaming,” which the spot claims is “driving a wedge between us,” it  tell guys to proudly reach for a plate of leafy greens if that’s what they desire.

The approach is a bit ridiculous, addressing a problem we’re not convinced exists (Seriously, who makes fun of someone for eating a salad?) to present Dixie plates as perfect for stacking high with various types of greens and veggies. But then the spot does sort of revel in its over-the-top nature, complete with slow-motion plate flipping, so clearly nothing here is meant to be taken too seriously. Still, the approach makes the eventual tie-in to the brand feel more than a little forced.

The spot will be promoted on the brand’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels through the holiday weekend, with supporting efforts including a Facebook ad presenting a variety of salad recipes to try without shame.


Client: Dixie
Campaign: We the Salad Men
Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Creative Director: Devon Hong
Creative Director: Jeff Scardino
Junior Art Director: Tommaso Fontanella
Junior Copywriter: Ted Meyer
Chief Creation Officer: SallyAnn Dale
Social Producer: Luke Bumgarner
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Strategy Director: Elaine Purcell
Strategist: Newman Granger
Senior Communications Strategist: Delphine McKinley
Senior Data Strategist: Brad Mumbrue
Data Strategist: Remy Lupica
Executive Group Director: Brett Edgar
Account Director: Ross Gillis
Account Manager: Andrew DeMatos
Associate Account Manager: Kyra Gembka
Project Manager: Lindsay Larson
Client: Dixie/Georgia Pacific
Senior Director of Content: Shari Neumann
Senior Brand Director: Andrew Noble
Director, Brand Building Leader: Teresa Bossong
Associate Brand Manager: Nandini Subramanya
Social Media Coordinator: Brooke Lujano
Production Company: D5 Films
Director: Brian Lannin
DOP: Brian Lannin
Producer: Sara Vander Horn
Editor/Sound Mixer: Eric Harnden