Droga5 Launches Digit-Starring ‘Fingerprints’ for Android

By Erik Oster Comment

Droga5 gets cutesy once again in its latest spot for Android, the 60-second “Fingerprints.”

The ad features fingers standing in as representations of different people. There’s a finger with a beret and decidedly French mustache, a blonde-haired hitchiker in a Hawaiian shirt, a subway commuter with a red-afro and even a green alien. All set to the appropriately precious Barry Louis Polisar children’s song “I Need You Like a Donut Needs a Hole,” the cute gimmick is memorable but ultimately wears out its welcome by the conclusion of the spot. Another problem is that, aside from the aforementioned aline, the fingers in question are decidedly monochromatic. That’s especially problematic given the “be together. not the same” tagline and the spot’s message of inclusiveness and comes across as a head-scratching oversight.