Droga5 Art Director Hits GoFundMe to Recoup His Missing Production Expenses

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in Inside Jokes, Droga5 art director Gage Young needs his money.

According to a GoFundMe page set up by colleague and junior copywriter Stephen Shocket, Young has yet to be compensated for the money that came from his own pocket to pay for expenses related to a recent campaign. For shame!

From the page itself, which so far has succeeded in raising $10:


Dear Finance,

Hope you all are doing well and are enjoying the shorter work week.

Wanted to check and see if there were any problems or hold ups with my expense report #018997 XXX Production.

I had submitted the report on 5/11 but did not see my expenses added onto my paycheck for this period.

Let me know if for some reason the expenses did not make it to you in time or if there are any other holdups.

Thank you!

We’re almost halfway there! But where did that $40 go?

This may all be a light-hearted attempt at humor, but expenses are a serious matter for people paying New York City rents.

As Young himself put it:

No it does not. Someone please help this man.