Drew Brees ‘Retires’ in Order to Fulfill Bike-Riding Dream

By Kiran Aditham 

Though it’s been a minute since his New Orleans Saints last won the Super Bowl, Drew Brees’s status as one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL hasn’t really diminished. Unfortunately, though, it seems the play-calling and other rigors of the season just aren’t cutting it for the record-setting QB these days as he’d much rather be riding a motorcycle, something that isn’t allowed per his NFL contract (well, at least the one in the ad). So, what’s the best solution? Well, retirement of course. Therein lies the premise of this new spot for the Can-Am Spyder from Chicago-based shop, The Escape Pod.

The Spyder itself is the most interesting character in the ad as it looks like something Lucius Fox would draw up for Bruce Wayne. Complete with a little dubstep and, yes, doves, the 90-second spot is a fairly amusing effort that lets Brees flaunt his off-the-field personality as he fulfills his wish. Plus, after the million Brett Favre retirement/unretirements that plagued the media a few years back, we’ll gladly take this fake one any day. Oh yeah, did we mention that there’s also a contest to win a Spyder? Credits after the jump.


ECD: Vinny Waren

CD: Kurt Lenard

EP: Kent Kwiatt

Production: Wondros

Director: Shane Valdes

EP: Gina Zapata

Line Producer: Justin Diener

DP: Don Davis

Production Designer: Sherri Korhonen

Editorial: Hootenanny

Editor: Graham Metzger

Producer: Don Avila

Producer: Annelise Smith

Music: Skorge

Colorist: Elliot Rudman