Drew Brees Channels ‘Cash Cab’ for Dick’s Sporting Goods

By Bob Marshall 

As most of us know by now, Discovery’s recently canceled Ben Bailey-hosted taxi game show Cash Cab was fake. How fake? Well, not quite House Hunters fake, but still pretty damn fake. So, what are the odds that New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is actually picking up actors in this new online video from Dick’s Sporting Goods? Deadspin reckons it’s around 99.5 percent, which sounds pretty accurate.

In “Who Dat Cabbie,” Brees picks up “unsuspecting strangers” on the streets of Manhattan and quizzes them about concussion safety. This is, of course, ironic when you consider Brees’ teammates are currently in the midst of a scandal where defensive players were allegedly paid by coaches to purposefully injure opposing teams’ stars. But, we’re going to decide to ignore that little fact, and instead focus on Brees’ reckless driving, which is played for humorous effect in this video.


After surprising his passengers with pretty astounding concussion statistics, Brees informs the world about baseline tests, which are given online through organizations like Protecting Athletes through Concussion Education (PACE). If you’re currently experiencing concussion like systems, which is entirely possible considering Drew Brees just smacked you upside the head with a book of wisdom, visit PACE and Dick’s Sporting Goods co-branded website here. You won’t get a comically over-sized, unsafe football helmet, but there is a chance you’ll get a neon green rubber bracelet.