DraftFCB’s Continues Changing of the Guard with Simon El Hage

By Matt Van Hoven 

The last time a senior VP position was filled at DraftFUCBUH, it was Element 79’s Chris Miller, who jumped from one sinking ship to another, to play SVP Group Management Director, Interactive. Today the agency announced Simon El Hage is joining the ranks, also in a management position; SVP Group Management Director, Multicultural Marketing. Hmm. Interesting.

El Hage has a history of sticking with the companies he calls home; i.e. “For the past nine years, (El Hage) has served as the Director of Strategic Marketing and Client Services for Lopez Negrete Communications in Houston. Previously, he spent eight years as President and Director of Account Services, for Acento, Inc. in San Antonio. Fluent in Spanish and French, El Hage is also an accomplished photographer and painter.”


But we want to know more about this relative unknown dude, like what he did at Lopez/Acento that made him so special, where the position he’s filling came from, what he’s done in the past, et cetera et cetera. So we sent a laundry list of questions back to the DraftFUCBUH &#151 and so far, no response. We may have come off a bit strong. Check out what we asked her, after the jump.

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1. It sounds like El Hage is working on new business. Could you clarify the details of his role?

2. Is this a new position he’s filling? If so, who is he replacing? When did that person leave? Why?

3. What did El Hage work on at Lopez/Acento that makes his portfolio of interest to DraftFCB?

4. Did I miss a client win? Or is this hire related to internal strategies I wasn’t aware of?

5. “El Hage is an internationally recognized professional with 29 years of experience leading innovative and effective strategies in the multicultural space.” – please name some of those strategies.
6. El Hage: “I believe in the Draftfcb business model…” – what is “the model” and how does El Hage fit into it?