Draftfcb Tasked with Dusting Off Tombstone

By Kiran Aditham 

Nestle’s been busy divvying up ad work for various brands within its portfolio as of late. Just days after the brand appointed JWT as its AOR for Lean Cuisine, it’s handed the same duties for its Tombstone frozen pizza to Draftfcb Chicago.

With the SC Johnson account still up in the air, lord knows Draft’s Chi office could use a win to take their minds off the matter. Calling it a “win” though might be somewhat of a stretch considering that the Tombstone account has been basically inactive for the last few years. But it’s now up to Draftfcb to bring the brand back to life via development and integration of ideas across digital, mobile, social media and shopper marketing disciplines.


In a statement, Nestle director of marketing Todd Macsuga explains his company’s decision, saying, “We were looking for a really big idea to begin to rebuild Tombstone equity, one that could live across consumer touchpoints. Draftfcb demonstrated an ability to uncover and activate meaningful product, shopper, and consumer insights, and ultimately deliver a powerful creative expression.”

We’ve been told the review was “competitive.” Tombstone joins others Nestle brands within Draftfcb’s client roster including DiGiorno and California Pizza Kitchen, which the company acquired from Kraft last year.