DraftFCB Sweden CD Arrested in Shooting, Released When Alibi Checked Out

By Matt Van Hoven 

A story in a Swedish publication pegs a DraftFCB Sweden employee of shooting two people yesterday. Creative director Anders Dalenius was arrested yesterday in Stockholm, accused of shooting a man and a woman. Unfortunately the original story is not in English, so we got some help in translating it.

The latest we’ve heard is that Dalenius has been released because his alibi checked out. Friends have been posting positive remarks on his Facebook page, claiming his innocence. However, others “de-friended” the guy, and some removed wall posts. Rumor has it that Delanius used to have a relationship with the female in this case. Read on:

Gamla Stan (Old town) is a part of Stockholm. And Golden Egg is “Guldägget”, the most important ad award in this country. One of the victims was a count named Carl Piper.


Golden Egg-winner taken into custody for Shooting in Gamla Stan

Count and his live-in partner shot down outside daughters school in Gamla Stan.

The man’s advertising agency won the prestigous Golden Egg award for best TV ad just a few weeks ago competing with the best ad makers in the country.

He has been creative director at the agency for a few years and he’s in the jury for several high esteemed awards.

During the tuesday the perpetrator waited for three hours outside the school in Gamla stan in the middle of Stockholm before the two victims appeared.

The woman was able to call the police herself and tell them who the shooter was, even though she was hit in the throat. The police recieved the call at 5.27 pm.

The 38-year old count was hit by several bullets, including in the head and was operated on during the night at Karolinska hospital.

He has life threating injuries, says Mats Nylén of the Stockholm police to Expressen.

After the shots the perpetrator fled on a yellow vespa (moped). At 8.30 he was apprahended by heavily armed police in his home in central Stockholm.

So, there you have it. Dude has been released. Hopefully the real perpetrator.

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