Draftfcb NY Soundtracks Jamaican Bobsled Team

By Erik Oster 

Yesterday we brought news of Draftfcb New York’s case study for the Jamaica Tourist Board. Well, that agency is feelin’ the rhythm and has just released a song for the Jamaican bobsled team, called, appropriately enough, “The Bobsled Song.”

The song was written by Sidney Mills and Jon Notar, “according to the shape and length of the actual race track” at Sochi, in order to act as a soundtrack to Jamaica’s run. What’s more, the song’s lyrics sync up perfectly with the lefts, rights, and straightaways of the course. This is best illustrated in the fun, mostly 8-bit video game style music video above. (Anyone else wish this game was real?) Everybody loves Jamaica’s bobsled team, thanks to Cool Runnings, and now there’s one more reason to watch Jamaica compete at Sochi. This Sunday, head on over to bobsledsong.com, tune in for the first heat at 11:15 AM, and the second heat at 12:45 PM, and play “The Bobsled Song” when Jamaica starts their run. Or follow @VisitJamaicaNow on Twitter for updates on when team Jamaica runs. It’s bobsled time. Stick around for credits after the jump.Credits:



Draftfcb New York

Javi Campopiano: Chief Creative Officer

Gary Resch: Executive Creative Director

Noel Potts: Associate Creative Director

Jared Isle: Associate Creative Director

Mike Lubrano: Art Director

Kevin Jordan: Group Creative Director

Joseph Defranco: Executive Producer

Monique Fitzpatrick: Producer

Wendy Glass: Group Management Director

Ashley Hughes: Account Supervisor


Motion Graphics(Draftfcb): Matt Hall, Ronnie Caltabiano, Dhimas Muniz, Kenny Yee, Brian Cobunpue, George Harbeson, Seokmin Hong



Music Produced by Groove Guild, written by Sidney Mills and Jon Notar


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Editors: John Mallerman and Nicole Lana