Draftfcb NY Releases Jamaica Tourist Board Case Study

By Erik Oster 

Back in 2012, the Jamaica Tourist Board decided to stick with Draftfcb New York (who started work for them all the way back in 1991) for five years following a competitive review.

That decision seems to have paid off, as Draftcb just released a case study for the Jamaica Tourist Board, and the results are pretty irie. The agency’s recent campaign for Jamaica Tourist Board, which included setting up a the world’s largest stress ball in Times Square this past November, brought results including a 423% increase in Facebook daily impressions, 1,264% increase in Facebook engagement. Draftfcb spends the ending of the 2 minute video interviewing New Yorker’s who are clearly still stressed out. Maybe they need to take the advice of the Tourist Board’s Christopher Dobson, and “come down to the beautiful, warm island of Jamaica,” where they have more efficient means of relaxation. Credits after the jump.




CCO: Javier Campopiano

GCD: Kevin Jordan

Creative Directors: Bruno Acanfora, Ariel Abramovici

Associate Creative Director: Lucas Bongioanni

GMD: Wendy Glass

AE: Molly Burns

AS: Ashley Hughes

Executive Producer: Joe De Franco

Producers: Susie Rofe, Jason Daunno

SVP, Director of Broadcast Services: Rubina Hadrigan

Visual Effects Supervisor: Bill Bourbeau, Robert D’Antoni

Animator: Kenny Yee

Senior Producer: Ronnie Caltabiano
Media Supervisor, Initiative: Lisa Frangella



Evan Foschino, Owner, Caliper Media, NY

Andrew Gish, Producer, Rabbit Content, NY

Jeff Sommar, Head of Production, Rabbit Content, NY

Chris Farber, Director, Rabbit Content, NY

Richard Lue, Director, Business Development, VP Records

Brian Mayglothling, Vice President, Events, Octogon

Bob Rutan, Director of Event Operations, MJR Events

Juan Pablo Gariglio – Owner, Vieja Records