Draftfcb Has a Lot Riding on the Super Bowl, So They Took Their Pants Off

By Kaitlin Madden 

Draftfcb, the agency you love to hate, has three spots running on Super Bowl Sunday. Each campaign is for a client trying to get back into their respective game and from what we’ve seen so far, the agency has good reason to be gnawing their fingernails.

-Taco Bell, a client of Draftfcb’s Orange County Office, will be airing a :30 follow-up to “Poem,” an ad featuring the teleprompter-challenged Charles Barkley. “Poem” debuted last week and is currently running. It’s about as cheesy as a Gordita Crunch, but I can dig it as long as they’re done trying to tell me TB is a weight loss option. Don’t fuck with my mind, mmk?


-The New York office is behind the commercials for the U.S Census, which will run a :30 spot that continues the Christopher Guest series that, you know, speaks only to semi-affluent white-folk.

-Dockers, a client of Draftfcb San Francisco, has a commercial titled: “Men Without Pants,” and that is all I know. An out-of-home portion of this campaign has been running in Manhattan (and probably elsewhere) for a week or two. Were I to judge a book by its cover, I’d be sold. Cuz &#151 I’m going to be candid here &#151 less pants, less work.

Wait a second, I’m the Chicago reporter, and there’s no mention of Draft’s Chicity agency. Whatever, a girl’s gotta get paid.

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