Draftfcb LA Pushes Nabi in First Campaign as AOR for Fuhu

By Erik Oster 

Draftcb has unveiled two new spots for the Nabi, its first campaign for Fuhu since becoming their agency of record in September.

Fuhu has done incredibly well for themselves with the Nabi, a soft-edged tablet designed for children, even being named “the fastest growing company in America” by Inc. There’s certainly no change in strategy from Draftcb for these two new spots. “Good Morning” and “Glow in the Dark” tout the Nabi’s kid-friendly features via comparison with the Kindle, which comes out looking sorely lacking in the kid-friendly department.


If you are going to buy your kids a tablet, I suppose it should be one that’s made for them, right? These spots do a good job extolling the Nabi as the perfect option for children. In “Good Morning” (featured above) that means talking about the Nabi’s “time controls” — in this case, a good morning song to wake up to. The Nabi does its thing before asking a silent Kindle what its good morning song is.

“Glow in the Dark,” meanwhile, highlights Nabi’s glow in the dark feature. No surprise there. Also not a surprise: the Kindle does not glow in the dark. Score: Nabi 2, Kindle 0. Plus, the Nabi just looks like something a kid would want to play with. So make that Nabi 3, Kindle 0.

We see plenty of these “direct comparison to our biggest competitor” ads with tech gadgets, but few seem to take the wind out of the competition the way these ads sucker punch the Kindle. At least for the Nabi’s target audience. If I were shopping around for a tablet for a child, this campaign would have me convinced that the Nabi is the way to go. Thankfully, I won’t find myself in that situation any time soon. Credits and “Glow in the Dark” after the jump. 



Eric Springer – Chief Creative Officer
Rahul Roy – Managing Director
Michael Bryce – Executive Creative Director
Adam Nowak –  Creative Director/Copywriter
Chris Rodriguez – Senior Art Director
Thomas Anderson – VP, Executive Producer
Leila Cesario – VP, Management Director
Jennifer Levin – Account Executive
Paula Rounds – VP, Senior Business Manager
Shera Rabinowitz – Senior Talent Manager

Robb Fujioka – President
Lisa Lee – Director of Marketing
Dan Miyahara – Creative Director
Linda Choi – Marketing Manager
Joe Estillore – Production Manager

Editor – Nick Alexander
Producer – Adam Buchanan
D.P. – Nogen Beck
Camera – Dustin Pearlman
Animator – Ed Olson

Claus Hansen – Creative Director & Sr Flame Artist
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Tom Paolantonio –– Assistant Engineer

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