Dove Shampoo Makes You Feel Like a Man

By Jordan Teicher 

Diego, our hapless protagonist, suffers from what I’d like to call the Herbal Essence Effect. Every time the camera shows his face, his long locks blow gently in a make-believe wind. Presumably, Diego is a man’s man, but he’s unaware of the feminine yet magical impact his shampoo is having. In a nice creative touch, Diego even keeps his shampoo handy at the office. It’s pink. Then the lightbulb goes off.

Shampoo commercials targeted at men often go with the models-will-love-you approach, but Ogilvy Sao Paulo has taken the road less traveled. It appears to have paid off–more than 700k views in 4 days–this is the kind of spot that could go viral for the right reasons: It’s short, funny, subversive compared to what we’re used to seeing, and best of all, tells a story.


Watch as Diego reclaims his manhood and stops distracting all of his coworkers. Credits after the jump.

Creative VP: Anselmo Ramos

General Creative Director: Roberto Fernandez

Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos and Claudio Lima

Art Director: Diego Machado and Renato Zandona

Production Company: Hungry Man Brazil

Producer: Fabiano Beraldo, Andrea Consoleto, and Juliana Henriques

Director: Carlão Busato