Dos Equis’ New ‘Most Interesting Man’ Is 20% More James Bond-ish

By Patrick Coffee 

Remember when everybody was all over trying to make Stringer Bell into the new James Bond? We were cool with that, because holy crap that franchise got boring so quickly.

The same thing is happening to Dos Equis, which has gone younger and sexier and more multicultural with its new Most Interesting Man in the World. The brand new effort that went live today is less a campaign launch than a teaser for upcoming work starring one Augustin Legrand, a French actor who introduces the world to his new character by speaking Spanish.

An ad agency hiring overseas talent to replace an American with far more experience? Well, we never.


The first spot “Cantina” shows us a tiny glimpse of why Mr. Legrand, or Mr. Man, is “edgier and more daring” than … someone who we assume to be his predecessor, Jonathan Goldsmith. It’s very much like an action movie trailer, and we feel sexier already for having watched it twice.

See, that was good. It got us interested in future ads and, more importantly, it included a pig wearing a fez for no reason at all. And of course the spot also left room at the end for Mr. Man’s female partner, because how can any dude be classified as a “resourceful, rough and tumble guy” without having a vaguely exotic woman nearby? It worked for James Bond and Donald Trump.

The client’s VP of marketing Andrew Katz explains in the press release: “The meaning of ‘interesting’ has evolved over the past decade, and this campaign features a new character and look and feel that opens the door to a world of interesting possibilities for today’s Dos Equis drinker. With the reboot of the campaign, we’re celebrating the good times The Most Interesting Man has with friends wherever he travels, while highlighting our refreshing cerveza. In the coming weeks, fans will have the opportunity to get to know the new character in a uniquely interactive way.”

Havas CCO of the Americas Toygar Bazarkaya also weighed in on how the creative work will change: “It’s the beginning of a new era of interesting. With The Most Interesting Man not just telling us about his adventures, but inviting us to be part of them.”

What does this mean? Snapchat activations! It doesn’t seem like the ads themselves will be TOO different from past efforts, though. The full campaign debuts on October 19 during Dos Equis’ College Football Playoff event, and the release promises more “classic vignette-style commercial[s]” to come along with all that social media noise.

We get the “why mess with what works” approach. If you Google “Dos Equis” you’ll find mostly items related to The Most Interesting Man, and it’s pretty rare to have a brand so thoroughly defined by its mascot. Not that this has anything to do with the quality of its product.

Anyway, we know you were wondering what old Mr. Goldsmith might be up to now that he is slightly less Interesting (read: older). He’s in the media! According to a release we got last week, he has joined the editorial board of True.Ink, which is not a tattoo rag but an “online magazine whose mission is to ‘live the story’ and engage readers through live, off-line experiences.”

Looks like the first day of the rest of his life is quite different than an average 24 hour span for Senor Legrand. But what is he drinking now that he doesn’t have to hawk mediocre lager?


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