Dos Equis and Havas Say ‘Adios’ to the Most Interesting Man After 10 Years

By Patrick Coffee 

Back in February, Deadline heard from certain sources that Havas and Dos Equis would let the “Most Interesting Man in the World” go after a decade via an ad about Mars set to air during the Super Bowl.

That report wasn’t 100 percent accurate as the ad went live on YouTube today instead. But everything else is true. One other interesting twist: the spot will debut during tomorrow’s game between the Cavs and the Lakers, or the last time that Kobe and LeBron play each other. You know, epic goodbyes and all.

Here’s “Mission to Mars” courtesy of Havas New York.


Nice to see that they kept things modest. Low budget, not too much fanfare, et cetera.

As for The Man himself, don’t freak out just yet:

“Fans can rest assured that Dos Equis will reveal a new Most Interesting Man in the World in 2016, as this is not the end of the campaign, but an evolution.”

From the client’s VP of Marketing Andrew Katz:

“From superheroes to superspies, our fans are accustomed to and enjoy different takes on the same character. We know ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ will continue to endure and grow, as the character’s story is bigger than one individual.”

Oh, cool, so there will be a big reveal surrounding the actor who will play the role next. You know what, though? We’re left with quite a few questions.

First, why is he going to Mars? Was he inspired by Matt Damon, is he looking for the key to eternal life at age 77, or does he just think life on the Red Planet will simply be a little more interesting?

Also, does he realize what will eventually happen to him on Mars? Has he never seen Total Recall?

Something tells us we will not get answers to these pressing queries anytime soon. But starting next month, the client will be giving away the Man’s earthly possessions including “the tuxedo he wore to his last Masquerade, his Spanish guitar and matching mariachi suit, and even his astronaut suit from his 2010 stratosphere” to fans on

Some more interesting facts from the press release: “Dos Equis also recently conducted research which shows that 72% of men describe themselves as interesting today, but are not satisfied, as 83% of them want to live an even more interesting life.”

So a majority of men would describe themselves as “thirsty,” then.

For those who already miss the Man, there’s this 2011 New Yorker profile of the actor (he’s a Jewish guy who grew up in the Bronx) and the 3000+ tweets from this parody account.


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