Doritos’ Potential Gay Super Bowl Ads: Do They Cross the Line?

By Bob Marshall 

As per usual, Doritos is planning to air a bijillion ads during this year’s Super Bowl. Of course, two of the potential spots would stir up some sort of controversy. That’s just the laws of percentages at work.

This time, the ads are raising an eyebrow for featuring “gay themes,” like the ad above for example. Are your kids safe watching something featuring two hunky gay dudes? Should we just boycott football altogether? Or, are you the type of person who says, “Well, I don’t see how that’s homophobic. It’s good that gay culture gets some exposure on mainstream television.” Is homosexuality the punchline here, or is it just part of a different humorous situation?


Okay, so yes, the ad might be playing a little into exaggerated stereotypes here. But, as Gawker reminds us, is this anything close to the “Gross, dudes kissing” vibe of a Snickers Super Bowl ad from three years ago? We’ll say probably not.

Finally, after the jump, watch another one of Doritos’ potential gay-themed ads for this year’s Super Bowl. Our verdict? It plays a lot more into certain stereotypes that don’t have anything to do with homosexuality. What say you, dear reader? Do Doritos in a sauna make any sense?

Update: Yes, as noted, these spots didn’t make the “Crash the Super Bowl” finalists list.