Door Number 3, Amplify Austin Give Gift of Balloon-Toting Hipster Girl to Local Charities

By Bob Marshall 

Well, that and (hopefully) a lot of money.

From the same agency that once said “Save the Choddy, Save Advertising” comes this little vignette for I Live Here, I Give Here, an Austin-based organization which has set a goal of raising $1 million for local charities. On March 4, 2013, Austinites can select from over 300 Central Texas non-profits to donate to, with some lucky philanthropists randomly being chosen to receive personal serenades from some of Austin’s most popular musicians.


To honor the occasion, Door Number 3 created the above spot featuring a typical colorfully dressed Austin female riding around the city on her colorful bike and bestowing similarly colorful balloons to Goodwill, adorable children, and a fleet of kayakers set on cleaning up Austin one discarded can of Rockstar at a time. She then skips gleefully down the state capitol building when her path of good vibes intersects with a handsome beau, who also has a bike adorned with balloons. It’s exactly like how you probably picture a typical day in Austin come to life. Learn more about “The Big Give” at Amplify Austin’s page on the I Live Here I Give Here website, and let’s hope Dell decides to help out with this.