Don’t Worry Britain Will Clean That Up…

By SpyWriter 

Thanks to Adfreak, I just learned that The Local Government Association, which represents councils across Britain, has a new campaign to raise public awareness of the different kinds of services the town halls provide. They are producing posters, like the one above, that show some of the problems that the towns have to take care of.

According to the LGA, “the campaign is meant to highlight the essential work done by workers such as street cleaners and restaurant inspectors.”


One of the posters shows a man out at what appears to be a nice dinner and the slogan reads, “My council makes sure this romantic meal won’t give us the trots.”

This worthy these posters sully the image of life in modern Britain. Others think it may be breaching some type of advertising rules of decency.

I think it’s unnecessary to advertise a service that you are required to provide. It’s not like people will increase the amount of taxes they pay just because they know you’re doing your job. Sounds like money wasted on an ad campaign to me. Although, I must admit there something comforting in knowing my dinner won’t give me the trots.