Donny Deutsch’s MSNBC Show Pulled After Two Episodes

By Kiran Aditham 

Blink and you might’ve missed Donny Deutsch’s “America the Angry” show , which was pulled by MSNBC after just two airings due to his unflattering comments about Keith Olbermann. According to the New York Times, the cable network’s #1 anchor took issue with comments Deutsch made about him when discussing “angry” blowhards on both sides (Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh were also mentioned).

Deutsch tells the NYT, “For whatever reason they decided they didn’t want to go with it the rest of the week. I was disappointed because I think I’m on to something really special here that needs to be done. It’s time the purple voice is out there. Enough already.” An MSNBC spokesperson meanwhile tells our sister site TVNewser, “Deutsch was going to be off the rest of this week due to a personal issue.” Seems the only personal issue was with Olbermann, though the network denies he had any influence on the decision.


Via Mediaite

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