Doner, the Neverending (Layoff) Story

By Matt Van Hoven 

We’re hearing that the agency’s Newport Beach office has laid off some 15 employees. According to an agency representative these layoffs were part of the original round and do not constitute additional losses.

Interestingly, we’ve heard numerous reports about a pension plan offered by the agency called a non-contributory Pension Equity Plan. We’re hearing that some employees don’t know about the plan and therefore those who may be eligible to collect on it don’t know they’re entitled to a bit of cash. Hence, some have suggested a class action suit may be in the works as a means to collect on that.


When asked about the matter, an agency representative responded in an e-mail, “We are a privately held company. We do not disclose employee compensation matters or company policies.”

As for tensions within the shop, a source tells us they are high. Apparently CCO Rob Strasberg called a meeting of what was left of his creative department, as any boss would, but it didn’t quell as many fears as he may have hoped.

Two recent account losses at Doner that we think contributed most directly to the layoffs were PNC Bank and Expediax.

Yet another rumor suggests that John DeCerchio, Strasberg’s predecessor, had some trouble earning his payout upon his departure from the agency.

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