Doner Tells Parents They’re ‘Doin’ Good’ for Minute Maid

By Erik Oster 

Doner Detroit launched a sentimental new campaign for Minute Maid, which lets parents sometime unsure of their parenting skills know that they’re “Doin’ Good.”

A 3:30 online spot explores the subject by first asking parents how they think they’re doing. Many of the parents seem unsure of themselves, saying things like, “I do feel like I let them down sometimes.” When the children are asked to write a letter to their parents on how they’re doing, however, they are nothing but positive. When the parents then tearfully read what their children wrote, they realize how much they are appreciated and the spot ends with the message, “You’re doing better than you think.” The tearful approach is not all that different from similar efforts, such as Leo Burnett Chicago’s Mother’s Day spot for Hallmark, in which children are asked to describe their mothers, not knowing that the moms are listening in and watching from an adjacent room. While “Doin’ Good” was also released in the lead up to Mother’s Day, it’s nice to see fathers getting some love as well, which is one detail that helps differentiate the effort from the onslaught of similar ads and should also help give the campaign relevance beyond the holiday.



Client: Minute Maid
Agency: Doner Detroit
President/CEO: David Demuth
Chief creative officer/co-CEO: Rob Strasberg
Executive vice president/executive creative director: Chad Ackley
Creative director: Jason Bergeron
Creative director: Virgil Adams
Senior vice president, creative director: Jason Jakubiak
Senior vice president, creative director: Michael Leslie
Associate creative director: Anthony Moceri
Senior art director: Alex Drukas
Executive vice president/director of content production: Laurie Irwin
Executive producer: Stacey Gizinski
Executive vice president/brand leader: Monica Tysell
Senior vice president/brand leader: Jim Vassallo
Vice president/brand leader: Adina Sigler