Doner & Mazda, Publicis West & T-Mobile, PHD & Schwab Media; a Tip Round-up

By Matt Van Hoven 

We’ve been digging into a couple tips regarding Doner and Publicis in the West and PHD and well we just haven’t been able to confirm them though everyone and their brother seems to have heard about this stuff. Let’s start with Doner.

&#151 The agency is still in a state of shock after those raucous layoffs. Of late we’ve heard rumblings that the shop may be on its way to losing Mazda. We’re getting mixed messages from our sources; some say the client is happy happy from all the way up in Canada way down to ole Mexico. Others have heard the Newport Beach office is closing. What do they do there? Mazda. You tell me.


&#151 As for Publicis in the West, well, we’ve heard things with T-Mobile aren’t so peachy and that the client is set to begin the slow pull-out starting with PW and ending with WongDoody.

&#151 This one is short: We’re hearing PHD could be S.O.L. with regard to Schwab media. Things have been sorta wackadoo with that account ever since this happened. And what’s up with PHD San Fran? Anything left over there?

So there you go. Answer away via e-mail at agencyspy @ gmail dot com or you can always anonymously tip. We know how you love your anon times!

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