Doner L.A.’s ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Billboards Will Eat Your Brains (and Your Feet)

By Patrick Coffee 

The other day we were thinking to ourselves, “What the hell has Drew Barrymore been up to lately?” (That’s not really true. We figured she was busy producing stuff and writing books.)

Turns out that she is starring in the Netflix original “Santa Clarita Diet, which is about—wait for it—zombies. But not the lame, non-English-speaking zombies of The Walking Dead.

From what we can tell, it’s a dark comedy about a suburban (read: California) couple who just happen to be addicted to eating people.


Doner L.A., which does a lot of work with Netflix, we’ve been told, came up with a cool way to promote it: interactive billboards or “thrillboards!” Note how Barrymore literally jumps from one screen to another in the endless search for BRAINS.

Who said OOH is dead? And while Barrymore is at it, can she eat all those YMI Jeans #wannabettabutt billboards? New Yorkers know what we mean.

We’ve been told that Doner had nothing to do with a separate series of Santa Clarita billboards deemed too bloody for Germany. But the agency has worked on projects promoting the Netflix series Stranger Things and House of Cards. Expect more to come on the latter.

Also, is it just us or does Timothy Olyphant kinda look like Bizzaro World Trivago Guy?


Zihla Salinas – EVP, Managing Director
Jason Gaboriau – EVP, Chief Creative Officer
Sara Schwartz – VP, Brand Leader
Drew Brooks – Design Director
Lauren Culbertson – Senior Art Director
Ryan Sims – Copy Writer
Sophie Gosseto – Jr Designer
Ariana Delfini – Jr Writer
Sierra Moore – Jr Art Director
Leslie Harro – Producer
Tayo Ola – Content Producer
Anthony Foster – Editor

Production Company: Logan

Director: Grady Hall
ECD: Alexei Tylevich
VFX Supervisor: Stephan Kosinski
CG Supervisor: Brandon Thomas
Creative Director: Kaan Atilla
Executive Producer: Matt Winkel
Line Producer: Steve Gould
Post Producer: Dan Lombardo
Associate Producer: Ryan Hitch
Production Coordinator: Joe Mackedanz, Jesse Silva
Editor: Mike Merkwan, James Connelly
Flame: Carl Edwards
Compositor: Robert Hubbard, Jon Sadonsky
Roto: Kyle Hause
Design: Eunha Choi, Eun Kim, Josh Childers, Amy Wang, Alex Hanson
2D Animation: Scott Ulrich, Ivan Cruz
Previz: Brian Weaver
Previz Editor: Ruben Proenca