Doner LA, Neato Remind Us That Machines Are Better Than People

By Patrick Coffee 

The robots are officially taking our jobs…in the “domestic responsibilities” industry.

A new campaign from Doner L.A. to promote Neato–or Nest for vaccum cleaners–reminds us in various ways that robots just happen to be superior to homo sapiens. Operationally speaking.

First, in “Card,” a grandmother gets an unpleasant surprise that might have made for an annoying chore…until Neato:


The tagline on that one was “Neato Knows your Grandma misses you.”

Next, “House Sitter” shows us why dogs will always be better than cats. Period.

Are some people allergic to dogs? Sure, but that’s not the point. As the tagline tells us, “Neato Knows the Internet is alarmingly devoid of cat videos these days.”

Next comes “Hippie Pinata,” which doesn’t deliver quite as much “Schadenfreude” as one might hope:

Wasn’t that a Portlandia episode?

Here’s a Costanza-worthy “One Night Strand”:

Finally, eating from the trash can is fine as long as you do it within the ten-second grace period, right?

The point is that Neato knows a whole lot. In fact, it probably knows more than you think it does.

On the question of “why,” the campaign implies that Neato can take care of your cleaning needs before you even realize how pressing they might be. Do you really want to explore the “how?”

And while Neato might make “housecleaning easy with automatic, cordless robot vacuums” that return to their charging stations when done, we doubt their familiarity with early 00’s R&B.

Client: Neato

Agency: Doner/LA

CCO: Rob Strasberg
ECD: Jason Gaboriau
ACD/Copywriter: Regan Kline
ACD/Art Director: Jason Tisser
Art Director: Lauren Culbertson
Producer: Bob Samuel
SVP, Brand Leader: Maria Carr
Brand Leader: Jason Villar
EVP, Director of Brand Planning: Matt MacDonnell
SVP, Strategy and Planning: Marlene Calderon
Managing Director: Zihla Salinas

Production Company: GO

Director: Brigg Bloomquist
Managing Director: Gary Rose
Executive Producer: Adam Bloom
Executive Producer: Catherine Finkenstaedt
Line Producer: Greg Jones
Production Supervisor: Carol Fahey
DP: Pablo Berron

Editorial Company: Cut & Run

Editors:  Frank Effron & Sean Stender
Assistant Editor:  Rich Gonzalez
Producer:  Ali Reed
Mix: Lime
Telecine: Apache
Finishing: Jogger