Doner L.A. and Netflix Sort-of-Maybe Trolled Our New President

By Erik Oster 

Earlier today we wrote about 180LA’s multicultural-themed “Train” spot for Expedia, which was explicitly timed to launch during Trump’s inauguration. Doner L.A. also created an ad, more specifically a teaser for the new season of Netflix’s House of Cards with timing that seems far too perfect to be a coincidence.

The teaser features a group of schoolchildren reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as ominous music plays in the background. As the camera slowly pans out, it reveals an American flag flying upside down in front of the capitol.

Netflix tweeted out the teaser this morning with the tongue in cheek “We couldn’t possibly comment” description accompanying the “We make the terror” tagline.

While many brands have been reluctant to comment on the event, Netflix, perhaps emboldened by millenials (who largely voted against Trump) being such a key portion of its audience, seemed to coincide the release of the trailer with the inauguration in a way which can be seen as making a political statement.

Of course, the timing could also be seen as purely strategic, as it will surely have people talking more than a release on any other day would. Judging by the reaction on Twitter, the most controversial thing about the teaser is that the new season won’t debut until May, with just a small handful of upset Trump fans.

Client: Netflix
Brand: House of Cards

Agency: Doner LA
Jason Gaboriau EVP, Chief Creative Officer
Zihla Salinas EVP, Managing Director
Mike Cessario Creative Director
Drew Brooks Design Director
Andy Pearson Writer
Liza Behles Writer
Sara Schwartz VP, Brand Leader
Scott McDonald, Producer

Production: Exile
Producer – Toby Louie
Director of Photography – Adrian Correia
Production Designer – Rodrigo Cabral
Art Director – Alison Bauserman
Executive Producer – CL Weaver
Head of Production – Jennifer Locke
Production Coordinator – Manon Carrie
Editor – Will Butler
Assistant editor – Brandon Lawrence

VFX: Saint
VFX Artist – Miles Essmiller
VFX Producer – Kristina Theogersen
VFX Executive Producer – Helen Park
VFX Supervisor – Rob Trent

Sound Design & Mixer – Jeff Malen

Music and Sound Design: JSM Music
Joel Simon-CCO
Jeff Fiorello – Executive Producer