Donate Your Body Parts When You “Bite it”

By Matt Van Hoven 

Beans2Beans in LA created the spot you can see after the jump. It starts out with a shot of a beautiful, sun drenched field. A man’s voice can be heard, singing (in Spanish, but worry not, there’s subtitles); he’s thankful to be alive. We are too.

Anyway, turns out the singing dude is really a maggot/worm of some kind. He’s swinging on the kind of rope-and-board swings that hang from big maple trees all over the rural parts of the countryside. Punchline: “And whom are you leaving your organs to? There are thousands of people waiting for a transplant.”

So, donate those limbs and organs folks. It’s the human thing to do. Or keep them and put them in a box for safe keeping. Underground. With the worms. Yuck.


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