Don Draper: Influencer

By Matt Van Hoven posted their list of the 49 most influential men this week and captain commerce himself, Don Draper, was number one. The list was voted on by 500,000 AskMen readers and whodathunkit! Draper, man of our town, man of our time, even though he doesn’t exist and even if he did he wouldn’t be of our time.

What does this say about America? Mostly that we don’t know what a man is supposed to look like anymore. With Draper you know what you’re getting, and that’s worth something. In an era when we’re all clamoring to distinguish ourselves, personally brand ourselves, we neglect to actually be someone. We spend all this time saying, “hey this is me” but Draper just does it. Maybe that’s what America voted on &#151 action. I mean, who would honestly say he’s a good person to model yourself after? So there’s that.



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